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Parts Pondering v1.7

Let’s review the basics truths about a parts business and how it should operate.

Ron’s Rules:-

  1. Ship every part that was ordered today
  2. Find every part that was ordered today
  3. Trans ship every backorder received today
  4. Put away all stocks received today

And do all of these BEFORE you go home for the day. And do this every day.

Many parts businesses have lost their sense of urgency. The customer needs to believe deeply that the business that they have given to the dealer will be treated at an extremely high level of priority. If not the number one priority certainly very near to it.

This is a return to the basics of the business. Too often we overlook the basics. The time is now.

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2 thoughts on “Parts Pondering v1.7

  1. Good points, Ron, all reinforcing customer service. Here’s another thought on why the fundamental functions of a parts department should be completed in one day – relating to excess capacity.

    In a sizable parts business, there are few peaks and valleys in total daily peak work loads; if one individual function is a little slower, another tends to be heavier. It then follows that if the department’s culture is to allow work to pile up and then be cleared during a few days of well-planned, productive effort (month-end?) the capacity for that clean-up must already be in place throughout the month, but underutilized (or poorly managed) throughout the rest of the month. Underutilization implies excess capacity.

    If the company culture is to measure and review parts department metrics on anything less than a daily basis, that culture will drive toward a ‘cleanup’ on the day the measurement takes place.

    Service and productivity must be measured daily.

    If you can’t find time to do it today, how will you find time to do it later? If you can find time later, you can find time today.

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