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The Basics of Marketing, how to avoid the “What were they thinking” Moments

The Basics of Marketing, How to Avoid the “What were they thinking” Moments Guest writer Bonnie Feigenbaum introduces her lecture series with this debut blog post: The Basics of Marketing, how to avoid the “What were they thinking” Moments. Marketing is all about creating a connection between your company and your customer, a permanent place […]


Marketing 101

Marketing 101 Today’s blog post, Marketing 101, is written for us by our new Guest Writer, Bonnie Feigenbaum. Bonnie has a wealth of experience as a professor of Marketing in Quebec, and shares with readers a detailed overview of the subject.  Bonnie Feigenbaum is a Senior PR Consultant with TNKR Media, former Town Councillor and […]


Target Marketing

Target Marketing In his guest post for this week, Ross Atkinson highlights the critical importance of technology when it comes to target marketing. It is truly amazing how times have changed in the last 20 years! Dealerships have gotten larger through consolidation and spread further apart. The dealer is servicing more customers with less staff. Welcome […]


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Digital Marketing: Billboard vs Engagement “At the moment, our research shows buyers making 90% of their purchase decision before contacting the dealer.” And there it was. I had been having thoughts like these swirling around in my head for a few months now. But when Charles Bowles at Trader Interactive spoke with me, […]