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My Journey of Career Growth

My Journey of Career Growth Learning Without Scars is pleased to introduce our new guest writer, Kurt Pease. He was born on June 8th, 1961, in Portage, Wisconsin. He grew up in Whitewater, Wisconsin, in a family where his father worked as a university professor and his mother was a speech pathologist. From an early […]


Changes in Learning

Changes in Learning Today, our Founder Ron Slee writes a blog post on the many changes in learning. He also makes a few grumbles about how his family gives him a hard time! It has been some time since I wrote a blog on employee development. It is unusual for me not to be sharing […]


Imagine That

Imagine That Guest writer John Andersen walks us through the latest merger that will directly impact our industry in “Imagine That.” Imagine waking up one morning to find that Coke and Pepsi had merged. What if Samsung and Apple formed a single company? Can you picture a world where UPS acquires FedEx to become the […]


How you can ensure your continuous improvement efforts succeed

How you can ensure your continuous improvement efforts succeed Guest writer Mark Fitzsimmons offers readers a detailed guide on how you can ensure your continuous improvement efforts succeed in this week’s blog post. Continuous improvement is a key factor in any organization’s success. It involves constantly identifying areas for improvement, implementing changes, and measuring the […]


The Year That Was

The Year That Was Guest writer Christopher Kiely takes on the important task of the review of 2022 with his blog post: “The Year That Was.” I was asked to write a “year in review” type reflection piece for the end of the year. As you can tell it is now past the end of […]


Using Agile in a Dealership Environment

Using Agile in a Dealership Environment Our newest guest writer, Mark Fitzsimmons, makes his debut blog post here with, “Using Agile in a Dealership Environment.” Through his 20+ year career, Mark has worked with organizations ranging from start-ups to publicly traded companies to all levels of government. Mark has extensive international experience leading the development […]


Coaches Corner v.11.10.2022

Coaches Corner v.11.10.2022 In Coaches Corner v.11.10.2022, guest writer Floyd Jerkins is writing about leading from the front line. I often get calls from clients about various leadership-related scenarios they face. Sometimes they already know the answers but want to hear alternative ideas. One thing is for sure; there isn’t just one way to handle […]