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Technology Tidbits 1.0

The current crop of Dealer Management Systems (DMS) mostly provides process management tools rather than business improvement tools. This appears to be the continuation of the evolution of systems from the service bureau days when computers were overly expensive and out of reach for most dealers. The system would put the image of the “old” […]



We comment on a series of subjects related to the capital goods industry supply chain; from parts to service to management and to my take on filosophy. I am introducing a new one this week – Technology. I will attempt to address various areas of the use of technology in the capital goods supply chains […]


Putting People Ahead of Profits.

Putting People Ahead of Profits. Our founder Ron Slee has spent the last several weeks looking at how people make money. These thoughts have led to tonight’s blog post: putting people ahead of profits. For some time now, those regular readers of our blogs and listeners to our Podcasts have noticed my focus on customer […]


SmartEquip Sets Its Sights on New Markets

SmartEquip Sets its Sights on New Markets This week we present an interview by Jenny Lescohier. She spent some time with Alex Schuessler to give this report: “SmartEquip Sets Its Sights on New Markets.” Part of Ritchie Bros’ umbrella of companies, SmartEquip looks to expand its equipment lifecycle support and parts procurement platform across the […]


What Would You Have Done?

What Would You Have Done? Guest writer Tom Barry is back this week to ask us to consider how we will approach our market and our leads in “What Would You Have Done?” “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson However, it is a […]


It’s Time to Love the Cloud!

It’s Time to Love the Cloud! Technology isn’t something to be feared. Used responsibly, technology is a tool that can assist us in our work. It’s Time for all of us to Love the Cloud! Don’t you hate it when you can’t access the correct customer data or someone on your team has completed something, […]


Perpetual Growth of Leaders Through Lifelong Learning #MondayBlogs

Perpetual Growth of Leaders Through Lifelong Learning #MondayBlogs Guest writer Virginia Cooper returns this week with another look at ongoing education in “Perpetual Growth of Leaders Through Lifelong Learning,” our contribution to #MondayBlogs. In an ever-evolving world, the concept of lifelong learning stands as a cornerstone for community leaders. It’s not merely about the accumulation […]