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The Independent Equipment Dealers Association is a non-profit trade association promoting participation, professionalism and advancement in the independent distribution of heavy equipment. The IEDA focuses its efforts on providing discounts, marketing, advertising, education and networking opportunities to members that will result in increased sales for member companies. Members of the IEDA are committed to displaying leadership in the industry by making ethical decisions and sound judgement, by making accurate claims to customers and by utilizing the products and services offered to them by Associate Members. The IEDA was established in 2002 and has become a unified and powerful voice within the industry.

Established in 1990 as a 501(c) 6 non-profit organization, the National Trailer Dealers Association represents nearly 1,000 companies that sell, manufacture, lease, and repair semi-trailers as well as trailer parts and accessories throughout North America. Affiliated industry service providers also belong to the Association. The NTDA maintains its administrative headquarters in Brighton, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit).

Consulting Firms

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C.A. Kohart & Associates is a management and marketing consulting firm dedicated to equipment dealerships, private equity investment firms working within the industry, as well as OEM’s and industry solutions providers. They have substantial knowledge in all aspects of dealer management, product support, sales, financial planning, cost control, operations, customer retention, and the technology that best fits the client’s needs. Their unique ability to translate conceptual models into specific processes and growth strategies, increasing operations excellence, can benefit customers of all sizes.

Mechanics and Techs LLC is staffed by seasoned semi-retired equipment dealership corporate managers. We have successfully managed multi-branch Service, Parts, Outside Product Support Reps, New and Used Sales, Rental groups and worked with a wide variety of brands and types of equipment and trucks. We combined our many years of hands-on experience to create a unique buffet of affordable growth solutions specifically designed for our clients. We provide Consulting, Recruitment, Specialty Job Boards, and LWS Assessments and Training for those in Service, Parts, Sales, and Rental.

Foresight Intelligence has been serving the equipment industry for over 12 years by turning data into actionable information and providing easy to use software that produces results. For equipment dealers, Foresight Intelligence provides real time Sales, Service, Parts, Rental and Financial KPI’s to optimize dealer operations, a Service Management System to increase service efficiency and enhance customer experiences as well as a fault code management system to monitor and service customer fleet. Through Fleet Intelligence, Foresight offers integrated telematics solutions to dealers, contractors, and rental companies. What sets Foresight Intelligence apart is its service-first culture and its strong capability to integrate data from different systems to make our customers more competitive.

Strategic Evolutions brings dealers to the forefront of the new, information driven, equipment dealership industry.   After 20 years, seeing the progression of data and often a lacking application of valuable information, we  formed Strategic Evolutions to guide, train and support dealers.   Our services include consulting, implementation and analysis of dealership information infrastructures.   We provide insight into the information collected and available within the dealership, then provide guidance in analyzing and utilizing this information to drive sales and improve the customer experience.  In this changing market dealers must learn to utilize information to stay ahead of competitors and meet customer expectations.  Additionally, Strategic Evolutions provides Vizybility DMS, a new Dealer Management system built from the ground up to integrate all the information across the dealership rather than force the common practice of double entry or creation of information Silos.