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For nearly five decades, Walter McDonald has worked with equipment manufacturers and their dealers to identify and document world-class best practices and quantitative high-profit dealer performance benchmark standards. Walter has continued to update these guidelines in his more than 2,600 dealer management workshops worldwide in the material handling, construction equipment, farm power, heavy-duty truck, and fire apparatus industries. These machinery dealer management development programs have been with most of the major OEMs in each industry. In 2022 he completed the publication of this lifetime of industry research in his 10-volume Master’s Program in Dealer Management.

25 Profit Building Tools For Machinery Dealers (232 pages)

Practical, Cost-Effective IT Solutions.

Dealer Management Tools to:

  • Increase Gross Profit Margin
  • Decrease Cost of Sales
  • Decrease Expenses
  • Increase More Profitable Sales Volume

Special Report:

  • Return on Net Assets

Strategies, Tactics, Operations for Achieving Dealer Excellence With Reader’s Guide (612 pages)

Six Strategic Questions

Best Practices Audits: Customer Retention, Parts, Service, Rentals, Used and New Machinery.


  • Handle Angry Customers
  • Conduct Successful Aftermarket Marketing
  • Develop A High-Performance Team
  • Manage Key Accounts
  • Structure Accelerated Start-up for New Sales Reps, Best Access Trade Associations
  • Build A Big Hairy Audacious Profit Model

Special Reports:

  • Becoming a More Effective Manager
  • Increase Service Labor Productivity (pp. 47-64)

Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance with Reader’s Guide (462 pages)

Revenue Center Performance Benchmarks

Aftermarket Sales and Operations

New Machinery Sales Management

Ultimate Financial Survival

Special Reports:

  • OEM Agreements
  • Product Support Success Story

Service Mangement – Machinery Dealer Manger’s Handbook (600 pages)

Service Business Management
Service Operations Management
Successful Technician Recruiting, Onboarding
Leadership and Supervisory Management
Aftermarket Marketing and Sales
Customer Service and Retention
Executive Survey on What’s Working
World Class Service Management Best Practices
Dealer Development Training Resources
12 Essential Strategic Investments
Action Plans for Department Development

Dealer Problem-Solving Handbook for Master’s Program in Dealer Management

The Problem-Solving Process

189 Issues, Problems and Possible Solutions:

  • Dealer Principal/Ownership
  • Parts Operations
  • Service Operations
  • Rental Operations
  • Used Equipment Operations
  • New Equipment Operations

Special Reports:

  • Organizational Development
  • Vendor Relationships
  • Banking Relationships
  • Controlling Obsolete Inventory

Dealer Project Planner Worksheets

Dealer Development – OEM Regional Manager’s Guide (483 pages)

Three OEM Dealer Development Case Histories:

1970’s J.I. Case, 1980’s Bobcat, 1990’s –MCFA
Building an Optimum Manufacturer Dealer Partnership
Comprehensive Dealer Recruitment Program
The OEM Perspective—Optimizing Field Team Results
The Dealer Perspective—What is needed and expected
The “Never Do’s”
The Eight Essential Dealer Development Tools
Data Analytics for Sales and Marketing Strategy
Returns on Digital Investments
How to Avoid Death by 10,000 Cuts, or, to Improve Cash Flow
High Profit Performance Metrics and World Class Best Practices by Revenue Center: Parts, Service, Rentals, Used Machinery, New Machinery and, Customer Retention
How Dealers Evaluate their Manufacturers
Best Practices in OEM Dealer Development
Powerful New Market Share Development Strategy
How to Begin Product Support Development Efforts
How to Begin Machinery Sales Development Efforts
How Dealers Can Avoid Problems with OEM Sales and Service Agreements

Comprehensive Self-Study Guide for Master’s Program in Dealer Management (402 pages)

  • Full Curriculum for Master’s Program—
  • Complete Assessment of Performance Benchmarks.
  • World-Class Best Practices in Each Revenue Center
  • Professional Growth and Development Plan
  • New Insights into Information Technology
  • 13 Chapters on Product Support Management
  • 20 Chapters on Marketing, Sales Management

Workbook and Study Guide for Master’s Program in Dealer Management

RoadMap for Master Improvement Plan (P. 12)

“600” World Class Best Practices (pp. 32-33)

Worksheets for Dealer Principals/Executives

Worksheets for Service and Parts Managers

Worksheets for Machinery Sales, Rental Managers

Putting It All Together for All Dealer Managers

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