Comprehensive Skills Assessments

Our Comprehensive Skills Assessments are Knowledge and Skills Assessments that are all job specific. They offer in depth specialized subject matter evaluations of the skills and knowledge of the individuals on the job today. The cost of each CSA program is $125.00.

How the Comprehensive Skills Assessments work.

After more than forty years of training dealer parts and service personnel we have arrived at some important conclusions. From our classroom and webinar work since 1980 and our internet-based classes since 2015 we have used assessments and tests to determine the effectiveness of our training and the understanding of the students. Importantly our customers, the dealers also have asked us to produce a product that will help them determine the specific training needs for each employee. The Comprehensive Skills Assessments (CSA) is that program. These programs have multiple functions within a business:

  1. Recruiting: The assessments can be used in recruiting employees. In conjunction with background checks and interviews, the assessment gives you much more information on the applicants before they are hired.
  2. Performance Reviews: The assessments should also be used in the annual performance review with each employee.
  3. Wages and Salaries: The assessments can even be used as an objective foundation related to the establishment of the wages and salaries paid to the employees.
  4. Employee Development: The assessments have been developed to be used to create individualized employee development programs for each employee in the parts and service business teams.

These skills assessments are only available through our online learning platform.