Assessments for Parts, Service and Product Support Selling


Our Comprehensive Skills Assessments are based upon an individual’s knowledge and skills within their specific job function. These assessments can be used to provide in-depth and specialized evaluations of new hires, prospective employees, as well as individuals on the job today. The cost of each assessment is $125.00.

With a combined experience of more than fifty years in education, training, and employee development, we have arrived at some important conclusions. These assessments are the result of in-person courses, webinars, one-to-one coaching programs, as well as our online learning platform.

Students (employees) need a way to measure what they know about what it is they do. Without this measurement, it can be nearly impossible to develop a meaningful training plan or career path for an individual. Our programs and assessments take the concept of “customers for life” to the next level — employees for life! Our goal is to help you build a meaningful future with your employees and ensure it lasts a lifetime.

How Assessments Work

Your employees are a key asset in the business you do every day. Assessments and employee development programs foster a continued circle of success for the business. We have assessments for the Parts business, the Service business as well as Product Support Selling and Marketing.

  1. Recruiting: The assessments can be used in recruiting employees. In conjunction with background checks and interviews, the assessment gives you much more information on the applicants before they are hired.
  2. Performance Reviews: The assessments should also be used in the annual performance review with each employee.
  3. Wages and Salaries: The assessments can even be used as an objective foundation related to the establishment of the wages and salaries paid to the employees.
  4. Employee Development: The assessments have been developed to be used to create individualized employee development programs for each employee in the parts and service business teams.
  5. Assessment Score: Upon completion of a specific Job Function Skills Assessment the student will receive their score (0-100). This score will rank their skills based on the results we have seen from the thousands of assessments taken. These skill categories are Developing (0-50), Beginning (51-75), Intermediate (76-90) and Advanced (91-100). This category level will identify the specific class progressions to allow them to improve their skill level.
  6. Assessment Duration: Each assessment is limited 60-minutes to complete.

These skills assessments are only available through our online learning platform.