Frequently Asked Questions

What is an LOD?

LOD is a Learning On Demand class. Each class is a 2 hour program, and learners have 75 different LODs from which to choose. There are four major content areas: Parts Management, Service Management, Product Support Marketing, and Product Support Selling. The LOD programs are a highly efficient way to convey specific information in one aspect of your business, as either a refresher course for seasoned employees or even an introductory program for newer hires.

What is a PSP?

PSP stands for Planned Specific Program. The PSPs are power packs of four courses each, totaling 8 hours of learning. These PSPs are designed for specific job function training, such as a program for Service Writers, Shop Foremen, etc. They provide learners with the tools necessary to become “heroes” in their specific jobs.

What is a VCR?

VCR stands for our Virtual Classroom program. The VCRs comprise 5 total courses, for a total of 10 hours of learning. They offer an “A to Z” view of all aspects of each department: Parts, Service, Marketing, and Selling. Specific aspects can be selected into a tailored training program, or the established programs can be selected one at a time for an ongoing employee development program.

What is a PLP?

A PLP is a Planned Learning Program. The PLPs have been designed for the current and future management and supervision within the business. Each PLP consists of 10 classes, for a total of 20 hours of learning. The PLPs are divided into annual programs – year 1, year 2, and year 3 – to create well-rounded leaders within each department.

How are the learning programs constructed?

Each learning program is made up of individual courses. Within each course, there are four components:

  • A Reading List
  • A pre-test to measure prior knowledge BEFORE taking the class
  • The class video itself
  • A final test, with a minimum passing grade of 80%, to measure performance

Once all 4 components are completed, in an LOD you will have a certificate available. In the PSP, there are 4 individual courses in your program, a VCR contains 5, and the PLP contains 10. Each separate course within those bundles will have a reading list, pre-test, course video, and final test.

With each course, you will see the following 3 parts to the class when you have logged into your learning account.

LWS - How learning programs are constructed

How does the membership program work?

An LWS membership can be purchased at any time. A membership can be for an individual learner, as often happens when training is self-directed by the employee, or a membership can be for an entire store or branch, as is the case when a membership is purchased by a manager or owner. The annual membership fee is $50 for each individual or store location, and all members receive rebates on every training program they purchase throughout the calendar year. These rebates range from $50 on all LOD programs, through $400 on all PLP programs.

Our members also receive direct emails with any new program release and training updates, before anyone else.

How do I become a member?

There are two ways to become a member of LWS. If you are registering multiple stores for memberships, you might prefer to be invoiced and send a check payment in. If this is the option you prefer, you may use any of the contact information on the website to request paper invoicing.

The direct purchase of a membership can be done through the Learning Without Scars website on our membership page, and the transaction can be completed with a credit card. Or, you can simply select the “Buy LWS Membership” button on any of the class pages.

LWS - How to become a member

How do I pay on LWS?

The Learning Without Scars website accepts all major credit cards. When you select a class you wish to purchase, you will be directed to a secure registration and check out. Simply fill in the information, and you will be on your way!

How do I enroll in a class?

On the LWS website, just push the “Enroll Now” button on any of the class pages, and you will begin the registration process.

If you are enrolling multiple people at one time, feel free to contact us for traditional paper invoicing. We do accept check payments through the mail.

How do I enroll in a class?

On the LWS website, just push the “Enroll Now” button on any of the class pages, and you will begin the registration process. If you are enrolling multiple people at one time, feel free to contact us for traditional paper invoicing.  We do accept check payments through the mail.

LWS - How to enroll in a class

What happens after I enroll in a class?

Once you have enrolled in your class, you will receive a welcome email and your learning login information within 24 hours. You will be provided with your own unique user ID for our platform, and a simple password to be changed upon your first sign in. Don’t forget: your learning does not have to be a solo experience, just because it is online. Our learning platform has discussion forums enabled for our learners, as well as the ability to create Teams of learners.

What is a Team Leader?

Every team on the LWS platform will have an assigned leader. This will usually be your manager or direct supervisor. Your team leader will be able to see your progress through your assigned programs, and also receive a copy of your Certificate of Completion for your employee file.

How is your learning status tracked?

The LWS online learning platform measures your prior knowledge before every course with a pre-test, and assesses your learning with a final test as well. Throughout every stage of your progress, our Director of Marketing receives emailed progress reports in real time.
We also have the option of “gamification,” if learning teams want to compete with others within their own organization. With this option, learners will receive badges that show on their LWS learner profile when it is accessed by managers and supervisors.
In order to successfully complete a class, you must pass the final test with at least 80%.

How do I get my certificate?

When you have completed your program, your Certificate of Completion will be available on your achievements tab.

LWS - Achievements tab screenshot for certificates

Once you have selected the achievements tab, you will see a bright blue button to download your certificate, next to the name of the course you have completed.

LWS - Download your certificate screenshot

You can download, print, and hang your certificate on your office wall.

How do I order merchandise?

We offer shirts and hats with our company logo, Socrates the Owl. If you are interested in purchasing merchandise, please contact Caroline at for all pertinent information. We recommend using these as prizes for your employees as they finish their programs.