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At Learning Without Scars, we understand the importance of being inclusive and offering education opportunities to everyone, especially those with a hearing impairment.

We are now in the process of updating the video segments of our online Service classes to include Closed Captioning. We will continue this process with Parts and Sales & Marketing in the coming months.

We are pleased to announce a new learning tool: Lectures. Hosted by Learning Without Scars, lecture series with be offered on a variety of subjects including Parts, Service, Selling, Marketing, Customer Service, and Leadership.

Developed by a talented group of professors and educators from across the globe, these ten-lecture series offerings will be engaging as they share their knowledge in their field of expertise.

The first lecture series is now available. With almost 30 years of teaching experience, Bonnie Feigenbaum introduces Basic Marketing. She is a bilingual, marketing and communications professional with 15 years of participation in local politics and almost 40 years of community involvement.  Bonnie has also written blogs for Learning Without Scars.

Along with our Job Function Skills Assessments and Subject Specific Classes, Lectures will be another tool to help both employers and employees in their personal and professional development. You can access this new offering by selecting the Lectures option on the menu bar.

You can now find over 50 audio tracks on various dealership subjects.  Visit our Audio Learning webpage for more details.

The AED Foundation (AEDF) is excited to announce the addition of two new programs to its catalog, in partnership with Learning Without Scars.

The In-Store Selling Fundamentals Program is designed for parts counter employees looking to advance their product support skills. It includes individual courses on teleselling, overcoming objections, in-store merchandising, and buyers’ needs.

The Service Writers Program offers instruction in the core service department functions most relevant to service writers. It includes individual courses on service organization, work order process, time management, and inspections.

Each program allows the user to earn IACET approved CEUs that are recognized by universities, junior colleges, technical and vocational schools worldwide.

We are pleased to announce that the National Trailer Dealers Association (NTDA) Board of Directors has chosen to partner with Learning Without Scars to provide online parts, service, sales and marketing training for its members.  The NTDA will work with LWS to develop trailer-specific content for members in the future. Click here to view the announcement.

As we continue our commitment of offering education in multiple languages, we have begun the roll out of Parts classes in Spanish!  Parts classes were previously offered in English and French and we are excited with this latest offering.

Learning Without Scars now has its own YouTube and Vimeo channels! We will be posting engaging content including our podcasts. Take the time to follow us on YouTube to keep up to date on our latest posts.

We have expanded our online resources to include a page dedicated to highlighting books that have come across our table that we thought you would enjoy reading. They are sorted by category (Business Teachers, Business Management Tools, Provocative Authors, Business Leaders, Topical Authors and General Reading) and cover a wide range of topics to enhance your knowledge.

Effective November 1, 2021, Learning Without Scars became fully accredited as a provider of continuing education through the International Accreditors of Continuing Education and Training (IACET). This accreditation sets us apart in our field: we are the first and only education provider in our industry to hold outside accreditation. From this point forward, all students will receive CEUs when they take a course through Learning Without Scars. Now we begin the critical work of collaborating with technical schools and professional associations to develop ongoing programs for all students. We are pleased and proud to welcome you to Learning Without Scars: an IACET accredited education provider!

Our latest endeavor is to bring you engaging audio content. It is offered in multiple languages and can be accessed by visiting the Audio Learning page under the Resources dropdown menu or clicking on the button below. The subject matter of each audio track is varied and we are sure you will find them very engaging.

We offer you our quarterly newsletter for free when you sign up. Subscribe today by visiting the Newsletter page under the Resources dropdown menu or clicking on the button below to receive industry specific information in areas such as parts, service and sales. We highlight some of the issues people face in their jobs. We also ask that you share this newsletter with your peers and to reach out to us about potential newsletter topics.

Did you know that our training courses are offered in English, Spanish and French?  When you register for a course, you will be presented with 3 buttons, one for each language.  Simply select the desired language and proceed.

We also have a wide range of podcasts available for your listening pleasure. Select Podcasts from the Resources drop down menu or clicking on the button below or finding us on your favorite podcast channel. You’ll discover a series of Candid Conversations with industry leaders and experts, Subject Specific Class overviews to learn more about our online education, Lessons Learned in teaching and lastly, podcasts on general topics of interest.