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Territory Management

Everything is in place. You have assigned a territory to a salesman. You have calculated the potential of each customer. Now it is time to help the salesman be successful. You use a CRM system and you know all the interactions of every employee with each customer. Now is the time to develop the strategies to assist you in obtaining successful outcomes with each customer.

From the market potential model, you know what you should obtain. From your actual invoicing, you know what you do obtain. How do you narrow the gap? We look at options to use to develop strengths in the major families of parts and repair groupings. We expose how you can find the strengths of your competition and how to blunt their advantages.

The performance of the salesman is also an issue. With call to close ratios and the development of sales presentation tools, we can assist in the “sales performance.” We discuss the tools to use to create powerful sales aids. We review the metrics to consider in managing a territory for maximum performance. This webinar is a must for all sales professionals who want to improve their performance and market penetration.

1 hour webinar

Parts Leads
Service Leads
Instore Sales Leads


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