Planned Learning Programs (PLP)

Planned Learning Programs (PLP) are a 20-hour master class for current and future managers and supervisors, training leaders within the business. Each program is $1,450.00 for non-members and $1,050.00 for members.

How the Planned Learning Programs Work

The Planned Learning Programs (PLP) from Learning Without Scars offer a structured, three year curriculum for professionals within the Capital Goods Industry.  Each year consists of 10 course programs, making a total of 20 hours of study per employee, per year.

The PLP program is tailored for a specific group of people: current management and supervision of the parts and service departments; future management and supervision of the parts and service departments; and all members of the parts and service departments who interact with customers.

Our customers have told us what they need from our businesses.  The PLP is a comprehensive employee development program that will assist our staff in meeting those customer needs, and performing to the standards of industry best practices.

As with Learning: On Demand, the Planned Learning Programs are online courses.  In this way, employee development is accessible at any dealership in the world, without the limitations of travel and fixed schedules.

Welcome to the next iteration of 21st century learning!