The Building Blocks

Within every business, there are fundamentals that must be understood and mastered in order to reach maximum potential.  Your Service Business is no different.  In this Planned Learning Program (PLP), your service employees will learn to master the basics of 10 unique aspects of the Service Business.

This year long program is the first of three levels of training for the Service Department.  This PLP program has been designed with the current Management and Supervision of the Service Department in mind, as well as the future Managers and Supervisors.  In order to have the highest customer satisfaction and customer retention rates, all members of your team who “touch” your customers should be enrolled in this important series of courses.

Without a solid foundation, building a thriving Service Business is a struggle.  Don’t miss out on The Building Blocks of a highly successful Service Business!

Year-long program

Service Leads
Instore Sales Leads


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