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An annual membership to LWS is $50. We offer special member pricing for every learning program on our website. With the purchase of your membership, you receive a rebate on every training program you purchase throughout the calendar year.

Memberships cannot be shared.  Every email address registering for LWS classes must have record of an annual membership payment to be eligible for the membership savings.

Learning On Demand (LOD)

Our Learning On Demand programs offer the learner 2 hours of rich content in specific subjects. These are excellent to fill in gaps, or as a refresher course for experienced staff.

  • Regular Price: $165 each
  • Member Price: $115 each

Planned Specific Programs (PSP)

The Planned Specific Programs offer 8 hours of content tailored for different positions within each department. With the PSP, you can offer specific training for job functions such as Service Writers, Shop Foremen, Parts Counter Salespeople, etc.

  • Regular Price: $640 each
  • Member Price: $440 each

Virtual Classroom (VCR)

The Virtual Classroom offers 10 hours of content designed to break down the different departments into bite-sized training programs. The VCR offers an excellent training tool for new hires as they master their roles within their department of the store.

  • Regular Price: $750 each
  • Member Price: $550 each

Planned Learning Programs (PLP)

The Planned Learning Programs are training programs for future and current management and supervision within the dealership. Each PLP is 20 hours of training content on all aspects of each department.

  • Regular Price: $1450 each
  • Member Price: $1050 each

For more information on Learning Without Scars, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.