Socrates Says

The Overlooked Telephone Salesperson

The Overlooked Telephone Salesperson Please enjoy our second vlog of the year.

Play to WIN

Play to WIN Ferocious Competition, Football, and Playing the Game to WIN are the topics of our new guest blog from Christine Corelli. It’s football season! Who doesn’t love football? But the Coronavirus has dramatically changed how we fans can enjoy the games. We can’t go to the stadium to watch one– just like we […]

Planning to Succeed or NOT?

Planning to Succeed or NOT? In his latest guest blog, Brad Stimmel shares with us the readiness of leaders for the next stage in “Planning to Succeed or NOT?” Every good business leader that I have ever encountered make plans for the coming year.  And every plan has the first goal of creating success for […]

Falling Upward

Falling Upward Tonight’s guest blog is from Sonya Law, sharing the experience of Falling Upward. How to create a culture of Ethical Leadership and Courageous Conversations Falling upward is how it can feel like for leaders when faced with an ethical dilemma and there is no rule book… Firstly, every organization I have worked for […]

Resolutions and Reading

Resolutions and Reading For a change of pace, we decided to share a vlog post today in honor of this being a new year.   For more information on how we can help you make this a great year, please visit us at Learning Without Scars.

That Was the Year That Was

That Was the Year That Was There was a television program, I think it was back in the 1970’s or 80’s, called That Was The Week That Was. It was a British show that in Canada had the titled shortened to TW3. Being a British Show, it took the typical British tongue in cheek view […]