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Goals – Passion – Struggles

Goals – Passion – Struggles Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman by the name of Ed Wallace. He is he author of many books as well as being on the faculty of Drexel’s LeBow College of Business and Villanova University’s Human Resources Master’s Program. In his book “Business Relationships That Last” he […]

Continual Individual Employee Development

Continual Individual Employee Development One of the challenges we face as a society today, which is in my opinion the most daunting of all, is the ability that we have, as employers, to find, attract, hire and retain talented employees. As an employee in this environment there are also serious challenges. The world is changing […]

Thank You for a Transformative 2019

Thank You for a Transformative 2019 I would like to personally extend to you all of the best for the holiday season. Further I wish all of you the best year end closing one decade, the 2019s and opening another decade, the 2020s. Happy New Year. We have had a very significant year at Learning […]

Making Education Relevant

Making Education Relevant Sebastian Thrun viewed by many as the father on internet-based learning notes that only 10% of the online students actually complete the classes when they are free. So now he charges for his courses. Although the results on completion are much better when the students have to pay something, I believe that […]

Disruptive Activities in Learning

Disruptive Activities in Learning Internet based learning will be viewed as one of the most significant disruptive forces for the human race. For our purposes here I am going to suggest it started with Salman Khan and his Khan Academy. In 2008 a not for profit educational organizational organization was started with the aim of […]

Teaching on the Internet

Teaching on the Internet Early in my career I taught education classes at McGill University in the Physical education Faculty. I was teaching potential coaches and teachers on how to teach. Obviously, it was about teaching to a curriculum but in my mind, teaching people has always been about helping people understand how to teach […]