Socrates Says

Internet Learning

Internet Learning Over the past ninety days the planet has been suffering under a serious virus. Nearly everyone has been affected. Some of the results to the economy and societies are starting to come in with analysis on the longer-term impacts. The Congressional Budget Office forecasts that the US will see $7.9 Trillion in lost […]

Why Socrates…

Why Socrates Our Logo – Socrates By now most of you know that our logo is an OWL named after the Greek philosopher Socrates. He was the teacher of Plato and Aristotle. We chose Socrates as that is the method of teaching that I use the most. The Socratic Method. This method is most commonly […]

The Power of Information

The Power of Information When I was in University, we had a computer room on the top floor of the main building. Somewhere through the first year some students, for one reason or another, took over the computer room and threw all the data cards out the window to cascade down on the streets and […]

Millennials and the Work Place

Millennials and the Work Place The other day I was having a conversation with a friend and colleague about communicating with the audience for our Learning Without Scars business. An associate of ours has stated “Ron, everyone knows you. But they don’t know you.” He wants me to make a series of film clips with […]

The Evolution in Learning which is fast becoming a Revolution

The Evolution in Learning which is fast becoming a Revolution From my grandmother who taught in a one room schoolhouse, to today we have seen a lot of change in education. I want to go back a little further than that today. Socrates, our logo, and one of the fathers of teaching, distrusted learning from […]

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts from the Past Week. Tthis month, June 2020, is my 40th anniversary in the Consulting Business. I am amazed at that and thankful that I made a living doing it. For the record I still want to make a difference in the lives of dealers and employees in the parts and service world. […]