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Training Is Important!

Training Is Important! Steve received a degree in Electrical Engineering and then served in the US Navy. He started with Komatsu America 1978. For the next twelve years Steve worked through various equipment sales positions before becoming the Vice President of Parts, Vice President of Service. During this period Steve sat on the board of […]

How Do We Measure Success?

How Do We Measure Success?

How Do We Measure Success? Today we are pleased to introduce to you a valued colleague. Ed Wallace. Ed will share his insights with us from time to time. You will see in his bio that he is an author. I would strongly advise those of you who read and gain new perspectives from books […]

Balancing Skills in the Workplace

Balancing Skills in the Workplace

Balancing Skills in the Workplace Imagine if you will, it is the middle 1980’s and I am working with a John Deere dealer and we are looking at their Service Department. We were reviewing processes and systems and methods and work flows. We also determined that there was a need to review the skills of […]

Up-Skilling Is Not Just a Buzzword

Up-Skilling Is Not Just a Buzzword I remember when most people used to think that when they left school, their learning was complete. Whether that was High School, Technical School, Junior College or University. As a teacher, I taught education, in other words I taught people how to teach. I used to tell my students […]

Thoughts from an Industry Leader

Thoughts from an Industry Leader. Today’s post is a from a guest blogger, Steve Day. Each Friday, you will see a new post here from our guest blogger. He will be offering his thoughts and ideas for four weeks. We are thrilled to have his reflections here. Experience is invaluable. The Thoughts of a Respected […]

Customizing Your Learning

Customizing Your Learning For the past three days we have discussed our classes with: What Subject Specific Classes Can Do for You, Building the Foundation, and A Pathway to Learning. In combination, these posts have given you a clear picture of what it is we do with employee development classes and how we do it. […]