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The Science of Successful Learning

The Science of Successful Learning There are many things that people can do for themselves in order to learn better and remember longer. We have to remember that the responsibility for learning rests with each and every individual. Teachers and coaches, too, can be more effective right now by helping their students understand these principles […]

The CSA – Comprehensive Skills Assessment

The CSA – Comprehensive Skills Assessment Our Comprehensive Skills Assessments (CSA) are job specific and specialized subject matter evaluations of the skills and knowledge of the individuals on the job today. Comprehensive Skills Assessments (CSA) from Learning Without Scars offer a structured tool to evaluate the specific knowledge of each employee in the dealership. Following […]

Who Are You?

Who are you?  One of the networks I follow poses questions often. The most recent question was “What’s the #1 thing you have learned this year?  The problem I have with the question is that I am continually learning. I am a very curious man and not a big fan of the status quo. However, […]

Leaders with Skills and Knowledge – the PLP

Leaders With Skills and Knowledge – the PLP. We started our journey of assisting in employee development in the early 1990s with the management training programs we developed for the Parts and Service Teams. We created two-day classroom programs for executives, management, supervision and first line team leaders. These classes focused on operations, finance, selling […]

The Infinite Game – Simon Sinek

The Infinite Game – Simon Sinek Branch Operations. In most dealerships the senior management structures are similar. There is a President, perhaps a CEO, in larger dealers a COO, followed by the Departmental Executives. There are numerous customer facing functions, and support facing functions. The “Executives” focus on goals and objectives and market share. That […]

Focusing on the Job – the PSP Program

Focusing on the Job – the PSP program. Continuing to define and describe what we do at Learning Without Scars takes us to our position of providing a pathway for employee development at their individual job functions. Most Industry and Wholesaler Learning Programs are focused on parts product training and department management. At the AED […]