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What Is Your Why?

What Is Your Why? Why do we do what we do? This is a question that is often asked of classroom teachers. I disagree with the motivation behind what we do being something we deliberately overlook. In every career, it is important to understand YOUR why. We can all say what we do, we can […]

The More Things Change…

The More Things Change… Do you remember the first day of your career? That first day? Perhaps you can even remember the interview that got you the job. How about when you walked in the door, was there excitement and anxiety that first time? Then things changed a bit. Do remember what you thought about […]

The Biggest Challenge You Face

The last post we made was on December 25th, 2018. I hope each of you had a joyous holiday season and I wish you, and yours, all the best for 2019. The Biggest Challenge you Face I was struck recently at the population growth rates across various age demographics.     I found that data […]

It’s All About the People

It’s All About the People Recently I came across this in Material Handling Wholesaler. It is well worth reading and talks to elements of the management job that we feel are critical for successful businesses. 7 Steps to Turn Employee Potential into Performance Imagine on Monday, you discover that your meticulous, rule-following accountant and creative, […]

So, What Are We Doing?

So, what are we doing? When we looked at our mission in the internet-based learning business we had to face a series of questions:  To whom will we be providing our learning products?  How will we be able to reach the student base?  How will we measure our ability to provide learning […]

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Why Do We Do What We Do? One of the most widely watched TED talks was by Simon Sinek called “start with why.” It has been four months short of fifty years that I have been involved working in this Industry. When people questioned what I wanted to do with my life when I entered […]