How Well Does Your Management Team Perform?

How Well Does Your Management Team Perform?

Your management team’s performance matters – big time!  This is especially true since Covid-19 turned our world upside down.  Managerial excellence is critical! So, how well does your management team perform?

To determine how well your managers are performing doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It’s not that hard to do. Progressive dealers use sophisticated performance management tools and extensive surveys – which are great!  But if you want answers quickly and to keep it simple, consider each manager’s performance in these five areas.

  • Results:
    • What results are your managers getting for the company? Is the sales manager increasing sales? Is he or she keeping the sales team highly motivated and helping them to excel in essential selling skills? Are they teaching them to sell using video and providing training now that Covid has made this essential?
      • Is the marketing manager drawing new customers to your business as a result of their highly creative marketing and advertising strategies – especially social media? Do their efforts explain to customers how you have sanitized your dealership and equipment so they can worry just a bit less? Are their efforts helping the sales team obtain qualified leads?
      • Is the GM doing the things you would do and making decisions the same way you would? Do they make sure relationships with branch, sales, parts and service managers are without conflict? Do they continuously improve processes and procedures and keep your dealership operating like a well-oiled machine?
      • Do your parts and service managers create loyal customers and advocates and practice proactive complaint prevention? Do they, too, keep their teams and techs happy, productive, and motivated? Are they delivering 100% absorption? (That would be a great result!)
      • Do your branch managers share best practices that help other branches get better results? Do they fulfill their many duties and responsibilities with their team and with customers?
      • Do your rental managers have repeat customers? Are they making profits? This should be a no-brainer, but are they keeping the equipment well-maintained and delivering on time?


Do all of your managers recognize that …

Revenue is Really Nice. PROFIT is what matters?


  • Employee Satisfaction:
    • To determine the performance of your managers in this area conduct a simple anonymous survey of the employees on their individual teams. Ask these seven questions.
      • Does your manager make you feel valued and appreciated?
      • Does your manager spend time coaching you and helping you?
      • Does your manager ask for and listen to your opinion?
      • Does your manager promote teamwork, respect, safety, and service excellence and do these critical aspects of a quality work environment exist on your team?
      • Does your manager consistently demonstrate the core values of our company?
      • Would you recommend working here to someone else?
      • What are we doing exceptionally well and where do we need improvement?


  • Turnover Rate:
    • If a manager’s department or team has a high turnover rate you have a problem. It may indicate the manager needs leadership training. Conversely, if your manager has received leadership training but has not implemented the skills they learned then it is an organizational failure. Another reason there may be a high turnover is that it is possible that when YOU are not around, the manager treats employees poorly and employees are afraid to blow the whistle on them. If you have any manager that has a high turnover rate, do something about it and fast! Meet with your management team and make sure everyone is on the same page on how you want employees (an customers) to be treated in your company.
  • Emerging Leaders: Are there emerging leaders on the manager’s team?  Has the manager identified individuals with leadership potential and made sure they receive the mentoring and training they will need?
  • Productivity: Is the manager’s team productive? Do they effectively communicate clear expectations and responsibilities to their employees? Do they establish tangible goals and objectives and show their team how to meet them? Do they meet them?!  Does the manager know how to coach a poor or average performer into a powerhouse through coaching them, believing in them, and being such a great manager that they look forward to coming to work each day and being productive, and they do it because they love their boss?


What to Do To Improve Management Performance:

Identify which managers need the most help and get it for them.

Before you do, ask yourself this question:

Do I need to improve my own performance first?


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