Socrates Says

Words of Wisdom #7

Never forget People want to do a good job….. People can always do more than they think they can….. People are fundamentally lazy….

Frdiay Filosophy #6

Women who strive to be equal to men lack ambition. Anonymous   True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. Socrates   Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t. Erica Jong

Selling Skills Part Two

Presentations in the world of parts and service sales are truly a lost art. Rarely does a Parts and Service Salesman go to a customer and make a presentation on a product or service that they are offering. Yet this is a skill and call type that needs to be developed if we are to […]

Education Version 3.1

Last week I met a wonderful enlightened man. (I don’t mean to sound arrogant with that start but he was a breath of fresh air)  He is running a store for a construction equipment dealership. We were talking about books and learning and he gave me two wonderful gifts. The first was Please check […]

The answer to the question is….

The question that most of you thought of when during the afternoon discussion between the supervisor and the technician the technician says he is not going to finish all the work that you gave him to do today is “why not.” That is not the right question. You are all thinking like production managers from […]

Labor Efficiency Anew

Many ask the question “how can I get technicians to be more efficient with their labor hours”. I suggest that having proper supervision is the best way to get each and every technician to be more efficient. Imagine if you will that you had one good supervisor for every eight shop technicians. (I know that […]