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A Pathway to Learning

A Pathway to Learning Since we started a business to provide classroom training for parts and service operations and product support sales and marketing, we have been constantly creating and redesigning what I have always called “Learning Paths.” A pathway to learning is what we try to provide to all employees to help them realize […]

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Building the Foundation of Learning

Building the Foundation of Learning Our initial training business was called Quest, Learning Centers. We incorporated Quest in 1992. This is where we first deliberately began building the foundation of learning. Originally our classes spanned fifteen hours, over two days, and was designed to cover four subjects; operations, selling, management and standards of performance. In […]

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What Subject Specific Classes Can Do For You

What Subject Specific Classes Can Do For You Moving from the role of an employee in an equipment dealership to being a consultant was an interesting transition. I started at Hewitt Equipment, the Caterpillar Dealer in Quebec, in March 1969 on a one-year contract. While with Hewitt I was given the opportunity to learn and […]

Assessments for Parts, Service and Product Support Selling

Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews I believe that performance reviews are a terrific opportunity to discuss, with the employee, what is necessary for the employee to do to become better at what they do and open up more opportunities for them in the Company. Further I believe, that for most dealerships this a missed opportunity. Most dealerships don’t […]

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Skill and Knowledge Levels

Skill and Knowledge Levels We have been using assessments in all of our training and learning products for over thirty-five years. The primary purpose of our assessments was to help us to adapt and adjust our teaching in order that our students learn. We first had a “Pretest” to measure what the students know when […]

Assessments for Parts, Service and Product Support Selling

How to Use Assessments

How to Use Assessments Yesterday we addressed the Foundation of Learning. Today I want to talk about how we envisioned businesses using our Job Function Skills Assessment. Let’s quickly review what we say on the Landing Page for Assessments. We point out four areas in which to use our Skill Assessments Recruiting: The assessments can […]