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Empowering the Technician

Empowering The Technician In his guest post for this week, Ross Atkinson brings us into the loop of empowering the technician in your business. Your technicians are valuable, skilled workers and many of them use highly sophisticated equipment beyond the traditional toolbox wrenches. Many manufacturers have mandated diagnostic monitoring systems plugged directly into the engine […]

We All Engage in Social Media

We All Engage in Social Media In this week’s post, guest blogger Mets Kramer shares that we all engage in social media and this blog is just one example. Other platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, and of course, the large number of websites we all visit for information.   As the digital world grows, we understand it […]

Principia for Business

Principia for Business In this week’s guest blog, Ryszard Chciuk shares his Principia for business. In my post The Future is Now I presented you why and how my after-sales team worked out its long-term plans, which most of business teachers call a vision. Today I am writing about the way we were going to […]

A Positive Sense of Community

A Positive Sense of Community This week, Don Shilling shares the importance of building a positive sense of community. I know all of us have watched reports in the media or thumbed through articles in periodicals about the wonderful employee benefits some of High-Tech companies provide their workforce. Perks that are used to attract talented […]

Transformation: Becoming a Selling Organization 2

Transformation: Becoming a Selling Organization – Part 2 Tonight, Don Buttrey brings us Part 2 of his two-part series on Transformation: Becoming a Selling Organization. 2) Sell ‘the house’ We don’t just sell product anymore.  Product and brand will not sell itself. We have to ‘sell the house’.  That is one thing the competition does […]

Transformation: Becoming a Selling Organization 1

Transformation: Becoming a Selling Organization – Part 1 Don Buttrey introduces us to the transformation involved in becoming a selling organization in Part 1 of his blog on this topic.   “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.”  With that simple statement, Red Motley made clear the importance of the sales function to any organization.  As […]