Play to WIN

Play to WIN

Christine Corelli

Ferocious Competition, Football, and Playing the Game to WIN are the topics of our new guest blog from Christine Corelli.

It’s football season! Who doesn’t love football? But the Coronavirus has dramatically changed how we fans can enjoy the games. We can’t go to the stadium to watch one– just like we can’t go to see our customers to be face-to-face, up-close, and personal. Far too often, we have to communicate with customers on an app such as Zoom. Hopefully, with the vaccine now being administered, this won’t last for long.

If you think about it, there are many similarities between the game of football and the game of business.

On Competition:

  • We must battle fierce competitors each and every day without a break. In the past, we used to think of competition as if we’re playing for the Superbowl championship. We want to play hard for the season, win that Big Game, and sit around during the off-season and gloat about how great we are.
  • But the competitors we face in today’s world don’t want to wait until next year for a rematch. They want to stay in the game and rise to meet the challenges brought about by Covid and keep playing again and again until they finally win. Competition has always been tough, but today’s competition is fierce!
  • Like a great football team, a great business team needs to round out their defense with ferocious competitiveness, a smart game plan, a commitment to stay in the game, and the determination to play to win. All of these are critical to success in the most challenging business climate we have ever faced.

On Sales and Teamwork:

  • You and any person in your company involved in sales must have the mentality of a professional athlete and the fighting spirit of a Superbowl Star. Just like in the world of sports, it takes a team to win. Your entire team needs to pull together to win the game or even stay in it and create raving fans who cheer about the service you provide.

On Facing Your Challenges HEAD ON:

  • Consider the coach who lists their potential plays in certain situations. He or she selects their options and sends their choice to the Quarterback. The Quarterback relays the play to his teammates in the huddle. Sometimes the call is to be fancy and throw the ball. Other times, it’s to down and dirty and run down their opponent.
  • Just like in business and life. When you’re confronted with pressure and challenges you have a choice: You can either run around them or face them head-on.
  • Face your challenges by being a better business person, create a stronger team and consistently strive to deliver World Class Customer Service! (Caution with the down and dirty part. Don’t ever compromise your ethics and integrity. If you do, it won’t keep you in the game for the long run.

On Attitude:

  • Lou Holtz, the great American football coach once stated, “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”
  • At the peak of his career, Ron Jaworski, former Youngstown Quarterback stated, “Positive thinking is the key to success in business, in pro football…in anything you can mention. I go out there thinking I’m going to complete every pass. On the phone, or in front of customers, complete the pass. Then score a big touchdown.”

On Execution:

  • Football great Peyton Manning made this statement after big win: “We had great execution today. We had a real mindset to execute down in the red zone because last week people were making a big deal that in the red zone we had to settle for three points a couple of times. That was the mindset, to finish drives into the end zone. We did that today and that really was the difference.”

Food for Thought:

  • How’s your competitive spirit? Don’t let the economy and Covid steal your enthusiasm. Get in there with a strong free kick of confidence every day.
  • With the changes we’re facing, there are challenges. But you have a choice…sit on the bench, or face them head-on.
  • How’s your attitude? Get in the red-zone, and stay in the no-whine zone. Apply grit, determination, and persistence.
  • How well do you execute? Knowing what you should do and doing it are two very different things. Learn more about business excellence, boost your marketing and update your advertising. Train your team. Make sure they play the game from the same playbook.

Play the game to win, and enjoy it!

I’ll be cheering for you. Christine Corelli

P.S. All the best for 2021!

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