The Key to Equipment Dealer Marketing: Use the Right Lead Sources

The Key to Equipment Dealer Marketing: Use the Right Lead Sources

Guest writer Debbie Frakes reviews the importance of generating leads in multiple ways in this week’s blog post, “The Key to Equipment Dealer Marketing: Use the Right Lead Sources.”

The only way for equipment dealers to achieve consistent success is by having a steady stream of new leads coming in through the door. If an equipment dealership doesn’t have that, then your business will slow and eventually cease to be successful. That means you have to find productive, reliable lead sources for your sales reps to focus on. 

The most important lead sources for equipment dealer marketing and sales 

When it comes to determining the best lead sources for your sales reps, the key thing to remember is that it’s not all about new prospects. You also have a wealth of leads for your reps to reach out to from current and past customers. Here are a few of the ones you should focus on to improve your sales and equipment dealer marketing.

Email open reports 

Emails are essential for any marketing strategy, because they remind customers and prospects of all your products and services, and they can encourage them to purchase. When it comes to lead sources, emails are also a very valuable tool. Your sales reps should be reaching out to recipients who have opened and clicked on your emails. They can even tailor their sales message to what the customer or prospect may be interested in, based on which section of the email they clicked.

Last purchase reports 

Last purchase reports are an excellent resource for sales reps to find leads to contact. They should be regularly calling anyone who hasn’t purchased something from you in an average time period for your industry and market. 

Customers from different parts of the dealer business 

Equipment dealers are actually several different businesses rolled up into one. Critical for your success is to link them together and make sure your various departments are sharing leads with one another. For example, if one of your customers comes in for parts, they can become a lead for the service, rental, and equipment sales sides of your operation. Your sales reps should be reaching out and offering to fulfill all of your customers’ needs! 

Your website 

A lead generating website is important for equipment dealer marketing strategy. Your site should make it simple for leads to give you their information, ask you a question, or sign up to receive emails. Once they have the lead’s contact information, a sales rep can then reach out to them, answer any questions they asked, and ask them if all of their equipment needs are currently being fulfilled. 

Lead generation should be a constant activity 

Your business requires new leads, and using the most productive lead sources is the best way to bring them in. At Winsby, we help equipment dealers develop and implement successful lead generation plans using proven strategies. By combining effective emails with professional, easy to use websites, email list verification, calling, and reporting, we can help ensure a steady stream of new business. 

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