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How the Virtual Classrooms Work

The Virtual Classroom Programs (VCR) from Learning Without Scars offer a structured, shorter curriculum for professionals within the Capital Goods Industry.  Each VCR program is an online classroom pack, consisting of 5 course programs for different job positions within Parts, Service, and Selling, making a total of 10 hours of study per program.

The VCR are tailored for specific employees, starting with introductory training, and moving all the way through advanced. This Learning Without Scars Virtual Classroom program provides a “foundation” for Management for the 21st Century. It is intended for Supervisors, Managers and Executives, as well as each employee designated by management and supervision to get more depth to their knowledge. The material covers all of the introductory aspects for the management and operational disciplines required of a Professional Manager.

The VCR is an online only program, designed to fit seamlessly into the demanding schedule of your staff.  Welcome to 21st century learning!