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Professional Selling

The world of selling is populated with many people from bare rookies to the ultimate: the professional salesman. This self-study program explores all aspects necessary to produce a professional in the selling profession. It is a profession, and one that is seriously underestimated. When your competition is confronted with a professional they have only one option. To get better. This self-study program covers the foundation pillars to a successful selling career. It is the first of the Selling series of Internet Based Learning Programs.

Customer Value

Each salesman has a territory consisting of different customer accounts. Each customer represents an opportunity. Yet what is that opportunity? What is the investment that the salesman is prepared to make on each customer? That is the customer value. This chapter covers the tools required to determine the value that each customer represents to the salesman. Logically, it would follow that the investment that is made should match the potential benefit that the customer represents. This is an extremely important chapter for the successful sales person.

Your Value

Understanding that the sales professional brings value changes how the salesman approaches each and every interaction with a customer. Sales calls don’t get interrupted. The salesman has appointments. There are minutes of each call as a follow up for the customer. This chapter is an absolute necessity for the professional salesman. All of the “how to” of performing the selling function are discussed here. This chapter will assist anyone who is interested in becoming more effective in the selling profession.

Difficult Customers

If every customer sale was easy we wouldn’t need professional sales personnel. We cover some of the more common customer profiles that cause problems. From the customer who knows everything to the customer that doesn’t know how to do their job and everyone in between. This chapter gives the professional salesman additional insight into the methods that work in different situations with different customers. This is a must for the sales professional.

Buyer’s Needs

You know all of the mechanics of selling. Now we need to make it easier for you by exposing the “buyer’s needs.” This chapter covers the buyer’s needs. The needs that the customer has in this transaction can stem from “ego satisfaction,” in other words knowing that they are making the right choice, to feeling that they are treated with respect. The selling professional has to be sensitive to all of these various attributes and reasons which can underlie the buyer’s needs. But your customers also need your expertise and knowledge and experience. You are in a difficult position. In order to be able to satisfy the needs of the customer, you have to continue to keep yourself current on the product and Industry trends and competition. There is a lot to do.

This Learning Without Scars self-study program provides “Professional Selling” skills for every individual involved in selling in the Parts and Service groups. The material covers all of the steps required of the professional to assist in the development of the people that have a responsibility for sales growth. Growth is a very significant element of the task for Parts and Service leaders today.

4-6 hours self-study

Sales Leads
Instore Sales Leads
Sales Supervisors
Sales Managers


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