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Territory Management

The best salesmen in the world fall prey to the need to manage their territory. This chapter in our self-study program for Product Support Selling is the conclusion of the program. This self-study program provides the finishing touches for a successful selling career. It is the final of the Selling series of Internet Based Learning Programs.

Customer Relationship Management

The evolution of territory management has taken us a long way from call reports. We used to have to control everything with manual systems. Now we have technology assisting us. The hand held devices available for sales personnel make their job and life much easier and better. We can track every interaction that the business has with every customer. The salesmen will never be blindsided. When the customer has a complaint, when they have a birthday or an anniversary. Every aspect of the customer profile and the call management structures are covered in this important chapter.

Territory Potential

In this chapter we develop a “market potential” model which can be used to determine the purchase potential of each machine. With this tool, the overall potential can be developed for each customer. This is a tool that can be used by management and the sales force to develop strategies to improve performance. We deal with the creation of the model and all the variables within in this comprehensive chapter. It all starts with the machine population. That is the list of equipment owned by each customer, and the work application and hours worked each year.

Customer Retention

The facts of customer retention and the “how to” minimize the customers that “defect” from your dealership are explored in this chapter. The statistical impact of defection on profitability across differing Industry groups is exposed. It is shocking. In the Industrial Distribution business, if you can increase your customer retention 5% points you can increase your profitability as a Company by 45%. There is no single element of what we do that has the impact on dealership profitability like customer retention. The tools to use to minimize customer defection are discussed in detail in this impactful chapter.

Market Capture Rates

Over the years, the parts and service business has been given a pass on performance. There has not been an accurate measure for the market share obtained for either the parts or labor business. With this chapter we deal with the territory potential and the actual business acquired. This allows us to measure with reasonable precision how we are doing in every market sector and segment. It also allows us to be able to measure the performance of the sales force. This is a critical final chapter to the selling series.

This Learning Without Scars self-study program provides “Territory Management” for all sales personnel and their management. The material covers all of the finishing touches required to provide the ultimate in professional selling. This is the requirement in any market to achieve growth. Growth is one of the most significant elements of the task for Parts and Service leaders today.

4-6 hours self-study

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