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The Foundation

In most Capital Goods Distributors, the marketing position relates to the prime product not to product support. We present a series of Learning Opportunities for leaders in the Parts and Service businesses on the subject of marketing. This Self Study program – “The Foundation” – is the first of the Marketing series of Internet Based Learning Programs.


This chapter on preparation deals with the set-up of the selling process: the research, the objectives, and the questions that need to be asked. There is a lot of work that goes into being a professional salesman and it starts with research. This is not dramatic or exciting work, but it is necessary. What the research needs to cover is discussed in detail. With each and every customer we must have objectives. These goals and objectives will take on many forms: from calls to the parts business, to the service business, to profitability. Finally, in selling everyone knows about the “talking” aspect of selling, but more important is the “listening” part of it. In order to get the customer talking, the professional salesman must know what type of question to ask and how to ask it. This is an important chapter for everyone who wants to be good at selling.


Presentation deals with the discussions with the customer during the selling process: explaining the benefits, meeting the objections, and closing the sale. This requires that a lot of skills be present. This is where the salesman earns his money by proving to the customer that what he is selling is what the customer wants and needs. A good salesman does not sell anything – the customer buys from them. Understanding the importance of product knowledge, the features and benefits of all the products and services at hand, and being able to deal with any objections that might come back from the customer are the core of the sales process. The final result is a sale, yet closing the sale is not as straightforward as it seems.


Just as you need to know the features and benefits of the parts and service that you are providing to the market, it is equally important to know your competition. Sun Tzu is famous for his views on the “enemy.” In the selling business the competition is the enemy. You need to know their products and services, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. You need to be able to address each of these elements with honesty. This chapter covers all aspects of the competitive situation that sales professionals encounter every day.

Product Positioning

In order to remain fresh and enjoy each and every day on the job, professional sales personnel do not typically use presentations. They have a discussion with the customer, it is true, and they will have a power point presentation, this is true, too. But what they do is they “position” the product or service they are offering in the business of the customer. In so doing each visit is new. Each customer application is slightly different and by using a “Positioning” philosophy the sales process becomes much more enjoyable.

This Learning Without Scars self-study program “The Selling Foundation” is intended for every individual in the parts and service business who sells to a customer. The material covers the foundation required to assist in the development of good selling practices and techniques. Growth is a very significant element of the task for Parts and Service leaders today. You don’t get growth unless you can sell.

4-6 hours self-study

Sales Leads
Instore Sales Leads
Sales Supervisors
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