Socrates Says

It’s the Little Things

It’s the Little Things I met Ed Wallace a number of years ago and developed a wonderful relationship with him that continues to this day. Ed wrote a very meaningful book in 2010 titled “Business Relationships that Last.” He has kindly allowed us to use excerpts from this book in our blog. We start the […]

From My Perspective

From My Perspective From My Perspective is the latest guest blog by Don Buttrey, President of Sales Professional Training. We have covered the headlines and some thinking on Customer Relationship Management. Let me wrap it up with these final thoughts. HELP! I’m in CRM hell! My position is that the “software” is not a solution […]

Facing Difficult Situations

  Facing Difficult Situations Today’s guest blog is another installment from Christine Corelli. The following are examples of some valuable approaches to take that should help you face these difficult situations. As you review them, note that each example uses the customer’s name.  Addressing someone by name shows respect and enhances the importance of the relationship. “I would […]

Apprenticeship Holds an Important Key to Workforce Solutions

Apprenticeship Holds an Important Key to Workforce Solutions Today’s blog post, “Apprenticeship Holds an Important Key to Workforce Solutions,” is a new contribution from Don Shilling. Brandeis Machinery Inc was recently recognized by the Associated Equipment Distributors trade association for their Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Program (IRAP’s) a program which they initiated in 2015. They are […]

The Law of the Carrot

The Law of the Carrot Today’s post, The Law of the Carrot, is written by guest blogger is Ryszard Chciuk. In his own words: For the first half of my professional life I worked for Hydrobudowa-6 SA. At that time, it was one of the biggest construction companies in Poland. There, I was responsible for […]

It’s Time for Implementation

It’s Time for Implementation As with everything we do implementation is the critical element to our success. As it’s time for implementation, here are some thoughts for you to consider. HELP! I’m in CRM hell! From my extensive work in training equipment dealers, I have observed the challenges that most of them confront. If a […]