Socrates Says

Time is the Enemy

Time is the Enemy Each day it is important that we check to see how we are doing? We must start with what I call the “critical few.” They are the measures that determine if the department or business is in good shape or not. And we must review our position with them every day. […]

Education Made Social

Education Made Social We seem to be in a quandary these days. Either we are engrossed in our telephones or social media getting high on endorphins every time we get a hit or a wave, or we are self-absorbed in thoughts about where we are and what we will do in life. It is a […]

Leadership in the New Reality

Leadership in the New Reality     Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Lt. General Russel L. Honore U.S. Army Retired. He talked specifically about “Leadership in the New Normal” and “Don’t Get Stuck on Stupid.” Both of those subjects triggered thoughts and memories. (You can get both subjects as books) After the […]

The Virtual Classroom Programs

Virtual Classroom – The VCR Programs For those of you following this blog or students of our classes, you are well aware of our offerings. The LOD – Learning On Demand which is a series of subject specific classes. These are the building blocks for all of our learning programs. Then there is the job […]

Goals – Passion – Struggles

Goals – Passion – Struggles Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman by the name of Ed Wallace. He is he author of many books as well as being on the faculty of Drexel’s LeBow College of Business and Villanova University’s Human Resources Master’s Program. In his book “Business Relationships That Last” he […]

Continual Individual Employee Development

Continual Individual Employee Development One of the challenges we face as a society today, which is in my opinion the most daunting of all, is the ability that we have, as employers, to find, attract, hire and retain talented employees. As an employee in this environment there are also serious challenges. The world is changing […]